Here it is at long last. I teamed up with the talented Carl Nelson and we have completed the first anthology size story for Sleep Deprivation Ninja, Exploits of Ninja and Child.

Here we have the title page in which the torrential waves are thrashing our hero on the open sea. Click the page to read on.

↓ Transcript
The title page is a full page spread of a night-time seascape; rolling clouds billow out of the horizon, an ethereal wonderment to befuddle any mortal. We can see a small rowboat (big enough for 2-3 people), carrying only a ninja with a baby strapped to his chest, wrapped up in his black ninja wraps--but the baby will not be visible in this scene as he is facing away from the reader, out toward oncoming waves, into the cloud-work. The boat and the ninja are fairly small in this shot. The ninja is rowing with both hands.
This page will be black and white--with a possible grey/blue overtone--as will most of the 8 pages.
The caption sits at the bottom right of the page.

Sleep Deprivation Ninja
“The Gates of Epiphany”

This path is deadly, but the journey is eternal.