Our heroes, Ninja and Child, enter the Fuji Happy Shack® convenience store, a large, neon-gleaming oyster waving hello to them as they pass beneath the glowing pearl beacon. “Enter Here! Sugar Shaved Ice!” it claims in the stern voice of several languages, in defiance of recent human rights group findings that the sugar bomb Shaved Ice drinks actually do freeze the human brain, creating zombie-like automatons. A few strung out customers hover around the building appearing to be afraid of the doorway. They stop just before entering, grabbing their heads as if to warm them and withdraw in uncertainty.

Ninja steps into the aisle marked “Recharge!!1!” and grabs an Electric Ginseng Adrenaline™ bar. Code Name Alice coos from within the Moby wrap at his chest. She doesn’t need a boost of chemicals to get better. She has immunities from her mother’s milk. Ninja, however, doesn’t need immunities; the adrenaline bar contains, as a final ingredient, nanobots programmed to seek out and destroy harmful biological contaminants.

At the counter, Ninja lays his out his bar and asks the clerk for one of the Ultra Fever Death II™ vials that they keep for a restricted clientele.

“No way dude, no go. I’ve only got one left back here. There’s been a run lately. Must be another doomsday virus. I’m taken it myself at my lunch break.”

“I’ve got to have it. My child’s livelihood depends on my health.”

“Fuck off dude. You aren’t getting it.”

Ninja turns on his ObeyMe Voice Translator™ and it echoes the phrase, “Give it to me or die!” with the torrential malice of the Gods. The effect is weakened when Ninja wheezes out a grandmother-esque cough toward the end.

“Wait, are you sick, man…? Don’t come near me. I’m warning you, ninja or not… I’m a sushi belt. I’ve got mad tuna!”

“Ha-chooo!” Ninja retorts.

An army of millions flies forth to their new battleground. The Fuji Happy Shack® clerk reels back in ricochetic slow motion as the viral horde latches to its newest host.

Ninja reaches behind the man and grabs the vial, slapping payment on the counter. The clerk turns green and begins to shake, oozing white blood cells that just aren’t enough to stave off the attack.

Ninja and Child walk out into the night, prepared for the next round of biological armageddon.

↓ Transcript
Flashback to battle. The first panel is full width with the next three small panels taking up a third width, as we did before. The last panel is double tall.

The attacking, mask-less ninja from the earlier battle is rushing forward from the left of the panel as his neck buckles from a blow. SDN is landing a forceful jab into his jugular. Fierce action lines ensue. We can only see Sleep Dep Ninja's eyes but we can tell he is invoking the power of sleep deprivation in his attacks.
Alice is stirring in her sleep. We still can't see her under the wraps on the ninja's chest but we do see a dream of a butterfly extending out of her subconscious.

(Picture of a butterfly)

My sleepy-fu is unmatched.